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Top 25 discos mais ouvidos: Outubro 20

Meu Top 25 segundo minha Last.FM:

01) “New York (Deluxe Edition)”, Lou Reed
02) “Letter To You”, Bruce Springsteen
03) “Love Is The King”, Jeff Tweedy
04) “songs”, Adrianne Lenker
05) “The Frenz Experiment (Expanded Edition)”, The Fall
06) “Corpo Nós”, Guilherme Held
07) “American Head”, The Flaming Lips
08) “Hey Clockface”, Elvis Costello
09) “Sign O’ The Times (Super Deluxe)”, Prince
10) “Gimme Some Truth. (Deluxe)”, John Lennon
11) “In Concert”, The Smiths
12) “Profana”, Gal Costa
13) “Rejoicing in the Hands”, Devendra Banhart
14) “Jards Macalé Ao Vivo”, Jards Macalé
15) “A Dream Alive”, Lou Reed
16) “Fake News”, Phillip Long
17) “Canções do Pós-Guerra”, Samuel Uria
18) “Verdade uma ilusão”, Marisa Monte
19) “Documento”, Raul Seixas
20) “Angela Ro Ro”, Angela Ro Ro
21) “Thinking Out Loud”, Moons
22) “Liwoningo”, Selma Uamusse
23) “Juliana Cortes, 3”, Juliana Cortes
24) “Bem bom”, Gal Costa
25) “In Paris Festival International de Jazz May 1949”, Miles Davis

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